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  • 21/2/14 Eurowind has submitted an appeal to the Scottish Ministers following the refusal of Planning Permission by Highland Council’s Planning Officers in November 2013. The appeal is on the Highland Council website, reference: 14/00004/REFCA.


This website has been created to share information with the public about our proposal for a wind farm at Lyth in Caithness.

Eurowind originally visited Caithness to assess several potential wind farming sites back in the summer of 2010. Our view at the time was that Caithness had the potential to be one of, if not the single largest, provider of Scotland’s unlimited or “Renewable” energy.

The evolution of wind, wave and tidal energy in the Caithness area has justified that conviction. Caithness can thrive on this new and growing industry that Scotland is building, much of it happening in the Highlands. Despite the downturn in the UK Economy, the Renewables industry has added billions in valuable investment in Scotland to provide a buffer against the present uncertainty.

Our decision to develop this site at Lyth is born of several impulses; a wind resource that is substantial enough to generate significant renewable energy; that the site, some 3kms due north of Lyth itself and lying within the folds of land NW of Alterwall Farm is well located and able to accommodate this wind farm; that it is already a working environment that has been providing for the Scottish people for centuries - this time the abundance to be farmed is wind.

Eurowind has been working in the local area for several years now and this development is the result of very careful land assessment and extensive discussions with local landowners. Eurowind has been able to site this development across the land of four local farmers, two of them Crofters, helping to reinforce their commitment to the local economy and their desire to work with and within the local community.

We have been involved in the wind business across Europe since 1996 and our long experience in the industry is now being applied to developments throughout Scotland. Over the years we have developed onshore wind farms in Sweden, France, Italy, Estonia, Poland and Malta; we also built one of the largest offshore wind farms of it’s time: Lillgrunden, in the waters between Denmark and Sweden. All this has added over 500MW of wind generating capacity to Europe’s Renewables sector and we have as much again being developed over the next few years, a substantial part of it in Scotland.

It is our intention to submit an application to Highland Council Planning Department for consent to develop Lyth Wind Farm. Please visit our News and Events Page to find out more about the development’s latest goings-on. You can also get in touch with us through the Get Involved tab. We would very much like to hear your views, particularly around how the proposed community benefit funding could help the local people and the surrounding area.

Ian Lindsay
Development Director
Eurowind UK Ltd.